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Maximizing Adoptions

Finding lasting, loving homes for every pet is everyone’s goal. These tools can help you create the most successful adoption program possible. Get a wealth of resources from writing pet bios to creating an adoption agreement and much more on our Adoption resources page and check out the articles and teleseminars.



Adoption Promotions

Expanding Our Comfort Zone

We all hear the complaints about how difficult it can be to adopt from a rescue group -- it comes from our desire to make sure every animal goes to the perfect home. But in trying to guarantee perfection, are we actually driving wonderful adopters away? Don’t let perfect become the enemy of good. Read on for tips on how to relax your judgment and increase your adoption success without sacrificing quality of life for the animals you get adopted.

Recent studies have shown that, despite fears in the animal welfare community, adopting out animals for a reduced fee or no fee does not mean they are more likely to end up in the wrong hands. Bottom line: the standards used in the adoption screening matter more than the adoption fee that a rescue charges.

From the HSUS Pets For Life Community Outreach Toolkit developed in partnership between HSUS and PetSmart Charities, the chapter How to Approach and Talk to People focuses on the importance for animal welfare organizations to set aside assumptions in order to be more effective in our goals. View the entire toolkit.

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