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By addressing the critical lack of accessible, affordable, pet care and general wellness information in under-served communities, the Pets for Life (PFL) program helps animals by empowering the people who care for them.

What's New in Pets for Life

What is Pets for Life?

Get inspired with "behind-the-scenes" videos, details on the philosophy behind the Pets for Life program, read the Animal Sheltering magazine article "Taking it to the Streets", and learn more about building a humane community.

The Data Behind Pets for Life

Data collected for over 34,000 pets and their 27,000 owners has confirmed that community outreach is a necessary component to achieve transformational change.

Bring Pets for Life to Your Community

Get started with your own Pets for Life program with the Pets for Life Community Outreach Toolkit, outlining everything from assessing and surveying your community to dog training to outreach events and more.

Where is Pets for Life?

The Pets for Life program has staff on the ground in a growing list of cities across the nation. See what other communities are implementing this innovative program empowering people to take care of their animals and each other.

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